Vector Charging Test System (vCTS) for automotive

Vector Introduces a Configurable Test System for Charging Communication Tests

  • Vector will be presenting its new product vCTS at this year’s E-Mobility Symposium on February 27 in Stuttgart.
  • The vCTS offers a solution for testing and validating charging communication between electric vehicles and charging stations in order to ensure interoperability and conformity.

The vCTS, short for Vector Charging Test System, is a modular test system for charging communications tests. It offers both manufacturers and suppliers of electric vehicles and charging stations conformity and interoperability tests to validate charging communication.

The new product is available in several product variants that consider the test requirements of the various charging standards and different charging capacities. This test system supports the most common charging protocols and standards, such as CCS, NACS, GB/T or CHAdeMO.

Thanks to its modularity and the practical interchangeable cassettes, both electric vehicles and charging stations can be connected to the vCTS and tested. The user can also switch between AC and DC charging.

The vCTS is a dedicated hardware platform for executing the tests from the CANoe Test Package EV or CANoe Test Package EVSE. Test automation is carried out via CANoe, which controls the hardware and simultaneously generates detailed test reports.