VIAVI Fiber Certification Tool for FTTx

Viavi offers the Optimeter, a certification tool for FTTx fiber connection certification

  • Viavi Solutions announces the Optimeter, a test tool for connection certification and fault location on optical fibers.
  • This portable instrument is designed to enable technicians to ensure that the deployment of the last kilometer of fiber has been correctly performed during their first field intervention.

According to Viavi, in order to meet the demand for the deployment of broadband communication networks around the world, 250,000 technicians will be assigned new tasks in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks over the next three years. They will therefore need to be provided with fiber optic connection certification tools that are easy to use and simplify commissioning operations.

“The pressure to meet the demand for new PON/FTTH services often leads to performing the minimum or no testing required. As a result, in 20-50% of cases, technicians are not able to finalize the installation and activate the optical link during their first intervention,” observes Kevin Oliver, Vice President and General Manager of Converged Instruments and Virtual Test at Viavi.

The Optimeter wishes to remedy this problem. This versatile instrument combines the functionality of a broadband or GPON/XG(S)-PON power meter with fiber link certification and connector inspection capabilities. It is therefore an all-in-one solution for certification and troubleshooting of FTTx architectures regardless of the expertise of field technicians.

After connecting the fiber to the Optimeter, the technician can, with a simple push of a button, validate and certify a fiber link in less than a minute. According to Viavi, this simple test requires no configuration and virtually no training. It therefore allows the technician to check and certify that the FTTx subscriber connection has been correctly made.

The Optimeter is supplied with its battery, power cord and a stylus. It integrates a photometer / radiometer for signal power measurement and a locator for all the elements and defects present on the optical link. It has two USB ports compatible with the P5000i inspection probe and a Wi-Fi interface to connect to Viavi’s “Mobile Tech” mobile application and the FiberChek inspection probe.