Exfo FIP-500 probe for fiber optic connector

Exfo launches the FIP-500 probe for the inspection of fiber optic connectors

  • Exfo offers the FIP-500 probe for fiber optic inspection. This probe is designed to improve the testing process of multi-fiber connectors in data centers and other communications networks.

According to Exfo, studies have shown that the main cause of failure in optical networks is due to contaminated connectors . In addition, 80% of network operators believe they are experiencing problems with connectors. Multi-fiber links are generally used to carry high-speed data traffic. They are particularly sensitive to the reliability of the connectors, whose failure can cause major breakdowns.

The FIP-500 Optical Probe is designed for testing MPO connectors. It is suitable for testing both single-fiber and multi-fiber connectors.

The MPO connector inspection process can be completed, according to Exfo, in less than 10 seconds for a complete MPO-12 connector inspection combined with the recording of measurement results. The internal memory can store up to 1,800 MPO test results or 10,000 test results on a single fiber. Results can be shared via a Bluetooth wireless link.

The probe is equipped with a mechanism for quick connection and easy tip replacement when changing from one type of connector to another or from a single-fiber to a multi-fiber connector (e.g. from a single-fiber LC connector to a MPO connector). The quarter-turn tip exchange mechanism ensures that no parts are lost during the operation.

Exfo offers a range of adapter tips for single and multi-fiber connectors: LC, SC, ST, MPO, OptiTap, OptiTip.

The FIP-500 probe is controlled via its 2.4 inch touch screen. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that promises a full day of continuous use.

The FIP-500 supports the inspection of MPO connectors with up to 4 rows by default. Periodic updates will enable new software features.