Yokogawa AQ1210D Portable OTDR

Yokogawa Announces AQ1210D Portable OTDR

  • Yokogawa Announces AQ1210D portable OTDR for Testing Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) and Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) Networks
  • This optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is designed for technicians responsible for the installation and maintenance of short-distance networks within and between buildings.

This optical time domain reflectometer is the first in Yokogawa’s range to cover four wavelengths: 1310/1550 nm (SMF) and 850/1300 nm (MMF).

This new model has measurement characteristics suitable for single-mode and multi-mode fiber networks. In particular, it offers a dynamic range in single mode of 37/35 dB. According to Yokogawa, it meets the test requirements for inter-building and short-distance networks in FTTB (Fiber To The Building) architecture, point-to-point optical links and data center interconnections.

In addition, the 25/27 dB multi-mode dynamic range is suitable for intra-building networks such as LANs, private, corporate, campus and data center networks.

This OTDR has a 0.5 m dead zone and a 2.5 m attenuation dead zone for multi-mode fiber monitoring. This makes it possible to identify and distinguish the connectors of short fiber cables commonly used in multi-mode networks inside buildings.

The AQ1210D has a 5.7-inch screen and weighs approximately 1 kg. It is housed in a rugged case suitable for use on construction sites for measuring fiber links and locating cable breaks. It can also identify points of high loss, high reflectance, end-to-end loss and optical return loss.