Yokogawa’s OTDR of the AQ1210 series.

Yokogawa announces the OTDR of the series AQ1210

  • Yokogawa ensures that the design of its new AQ1210 OTDR, which looks like an AQ1200 model, has been completely redesigned to provide PON and FTTA (Fibre to the Antenna) network installers with the features and operation of its flagship OTDR from the AQ7280 range.
  • The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) of the AQ1210 series can be used to characterize fibers between 200 m and 256 km in length and to edit reports in pdf format highlighting the detected events.

The AQ1210 range consists of 6 models supporting 2 or 3 wavelengths, making it possible to test active networks with splitters up to 1:128.

Integrated in a 210 x 148 x 69 mm case weighing 1 kg, this portable OTDR can be controlled via its touch screen or traditional keys. In particular, it can be used during the “last mile” test of fibre to the subscriber’s home.

This instrument, with a 5.7-inch capacitive multipoint touch screen, uses an optimized Linux-based operating system. The Linux multi-tasking operating system allows the OTDR to perform several measurement functions simultaneously.

All measurements and characterization of the optical network can be performed with a single button. The display of network mapping from icons facilitates the interpretation of events detected on fiber links. The PASS/FAIL function allows a diagnosis to be made from user-defined thresholds. The measurement curves can be displayed for further analysis.

This OTDR also includes an optical power meter (OPM), a visible fault locator (VFL) and an automatic PASS / FAIL analysis function of the optical fiber surface using a fiber inspection probe.

The internal battery, promising 10 hours of battery life, is rechargeable via a USB type C port from a USB charger used to charge smartphones.

The AQ1210 also features two USB type A ports and a Wi-Fi and Lan (Ethernet) interface for remote control and sharing of measurement information.