Anritsu Access Master MT9085 field OTDR.

Anritsu presents the Access Master MT9085 portable OTDR

  • Anritsu introduces the Access Master MT9085 series of portable testers for the installation and maintenance of fibre optic cable networks.
  • The MT9085 series OTDR features an 8-inch color touchscreen and Anritsu’s Fiber Visualizer tool as standard.

The Access Master MT9085 optical reflectometer (OTDR) features Anritsu’s Fiber Visualizer tool that can be used by field technicians to display events on optical fibers, such as splices, connectors and separators, as a schematic map.

This tool aims to eliminate complex operations, such as reading and analyzing optical waveforms, and thus help technicians of all levels of experience to perform measurements on fibers and pass/fail tests. The automatic evaluation of pass/fail tests based on predefined threshold values reduces human errors.

The Access Master MT9085 series combines the functions necessary for the installation and maintenance of high-speed cabled optical networks. It can perform optical power loss and remote fibre detection measurements.

This portable OTDR is designed with an algorithm that detects events on fibers in passive optical networks (PONs). It has a dead zone of less than 8 m, and a dynamic range of more than 46 dB. It supports single mode and multimode optical fibers.

Additional features can be added to the Access Master MT9085. An optical wattmeter, a visible light source and a VIP inspection function (Video Inspection Probe) on optical fiber can be integrated into the platform to create an all-in-one test tool for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

The transmission of measurements can be carried out via WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces.