Yokogawa AQ1000 portable OTDR

Yokogawa offers the AQ1000 portable OTDR for FTTH tests

Yokogawa completes its range of OTDR by the AQ1000 model operating at 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths. This portable optical reflectometer is intended for technicians responsible for the installation and deployment of FTTH networks for the fiber-optic connection to the subscriber.

Featuring a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen and a wireless (Wi-Fi) communication interface, the AQ1000 OTDR tests the optical links in automatic mode. The analyzed optical fiber network is shown as icons to facilitate interpretation of the test results.

The integrated post-processing software generates measurement reports in PDF format, the models of which can be configured according to the needs of the users. Test results can be transmitted by the technician directly from the field without requiring additional PC software.

According to Yokogawa, the instrument can make measurements less than 10 seconds after turning it on. With its rechargeable battery via its USB port, it offer an autonomy of 10 hours.

The AQ1000 is equipped with an optical power meter to confirm the use of the fiber as well as a stabilized light source to measure end-to-end attenuation in the network.

Additional test capabilities are possible by integrating an optional visible light source (VFL) to identify fiber breaks or macro bends.

This portable OTDR can be controlled remotely via a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection by a PC, Smartphone or tablet to which it transmits the measurements made.

Overview of OTDR AQ1000 features :

  • Wavelengths : 1310/1550 nm
  • Dynamic ranges : 32/30 dB
  • Capacitive touchscreen : TFT LCD WVGA, 5 inches,  800 × 480 pixel of resolution
  • Dimensions : 185 mm (W) × 116 mm (H) × 56 mm (D)
  • Weight : 660 g