XP Power PLS600 Programmable DC Power Supply.

XP Power’s PLS600 series of programmable DC power supplies deliver 600W

  • XP Power offers the PLS600 range of single output programmable DC power supplies with a maximum power rating of 600W.
  • These compact power supplies are designed for use in laboratory, production environments or test and measurement applications.

The PLS600 range, which offers a nominal power rating of 600W, consists of five models and DC output voltages of 30V, 50V, 100V, 200V and 400V.

This means that a single power supply can deliver a variety of nominal voltages and currents. For example, the 30V model supports output currents up to 33A with a maximum rated power of 600W. The power supplies can be used in series and/or parallel, allowing higher voltages (600V) or more power (2400W) to be achieved.

These power supplies are programmable with an accuracy of approximately 0.1% and incorporate 12-bit resolution D/A and A/D converters that guarantee the accuracy of the voltages and currents supplied.

Their remote sensing function allows them to be used with remote loads. Built-in overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP) and power overload (OPP) protections limit the output current and voltage to prevent damage to the unit under test (UUT).

These power supplies come standard with USB, analog and Ethernet LAN interfaces. The Ethernet interface complies with the requirements of LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) allowing control via a local network and ensuring interoperability with other LXI instruments.

LabVIEW and IVI drivers are available as standard. Standard Programmable Instrument Controls (SCPI) and user-developed SCPI-based software are also supported. A built-in scripting function allows programming and generation of user-defined output profiles to meet specific requirements.

These power supplies are integrated in a compact package: 44 mm (1.73”) high with a footprint of 224 mm (8.82”) x 262 mm (10.3”). A 1U 19-inch rack-mount option is available to accommodate one or two PLS600 power supplies.