ADI LTC chipset

Analog Devices agrees with TSMC to strengthen its supply capabilities

  • Analog Devices, Inc (ADI) has signed an agreement with TSMC under which the Taiwanese semiconductor foundry will provide long-term production capacity through Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc (JASM).
  • JASM is a manufacturing company, majority-owned by TSMC, located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.

The agreement concluded through JASM guarantees ADI a long-term supply of electronic chips, focusing on technology nodes of 40 nm and below.

Building on a more than 30-year partnership with TSMC, ADI gains a new option to access additional technology node capacity to serve the mission-critical platforms used by its various applications, such as wireless battery management systems (wBMS) and GMSL™ (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link) digital links.

The collaboration is designed to strengthen ADI’s hybrid manufacturing network, whose role is to isolate external factors while helping to increase production and rapidly expand its manufacturing capabilities to meet its customers’ needs.

“By collaborating with TSMC, we can serve our customers with a more resilient supply, react even faster to their needs and changing market conditions, and focus our investments on innovative manufacturing solutions,” said Vivek Jain, ADI’s Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Technology.