Bluetest's RTS65 reverberation chamber

Anritsu and Bluetest offer an OTA 5G NR test solution

  • Anritsu and Bluetest are extending their collaboration to the verification of 5G telecommunications terminals.
  • This partnership results in the integration of the Japanese manufacturer’s MT8000A radio communications test station into the OTA reverberation test chamber RTS65 of Bluestestest, Sweden.
  • The support of 5G by existing LTE solutions is done by a simple update.

Future 5G services will operate in frequency bands below 6 GHz and mmWaves. The use of an OTA radio anechoic chamber is required to implement OTA (Over-The-Air) connections for mmWaves band testing.

Anritsu and Bluetest offer a compact integrated solution to facilitate the configuration of tests over this wide frequency range.

Anritsu’s MT8000A test platform supports the latest 5G technologies, integrating broadband signal processing and beamforming required for 5G NR eMBB (enhanced Mobile Bradband) mobile communications. Covering the NR frequency bands of 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 28 and 39 GHz, this solution allows RF signaling tests to be performed in the band below 6 GHz and in the mmWaves bands,

Bluetest’s RTS65 reverberation test chamber, combined with the Flow software platform, is suitable for processing multiple LTE carriers (CC, Component Carriers) and MIMO data flows. The update of the RTS65 system allows it to cover the requirements of the 5G NR standard by offering more measurement ports below 6 GHz and a wider choice of frequency options, up to 40 and 43 GHz.