B&K Precision 4060B Series Generator

B&K Precision offers the 4060B Series Dual Channel Function and Arbitrary Waveform Generators

  • B&K Precision has announced the 4060B series function and arbitrary waveform generators with two independent channels and a touch-screen display.
  • These generators deliver sinusoidal signals up to 40 MHz, 80 MHz and 120 MHz, depending on the model.
  • At lower frequencies, these instruments generate sinusoidal, square, triangular and pulsed waveforms as well as arbitrary waveforms up to 20 MHz with a vertical resolution of 16 bits.

Their dual architecture combines Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology and the ability to generate arbitrary waveforms point by point. Application software is provided with the instrument to create and store custom arbitrary waveforms directly in the internal memory of the generator. The supplied waveform editing software can be used to create arbitrary point-by-point waveforms via mathematical functions or by drawing them freehand.

The 4060B series generators sample signals at sampling rates up to 300 MS/s in DDS mode and 75 MS/s in arbitrary mode. Their memory depth for creating arbitrary waveforms is 8 million points.

These instruments support multiple modulation types (AM/DSB-AM/FM//PM/PSK/FSK/ASK and PWM) and incorporate 196 predefined arbitrary waveforms.

Configuration and control of various functions such as scan, burst and waveform modulation are performed via their 4.3″ LCD touch screen.

These generators incorporate a frequency counter up to 200 MHz and a 10 MHz reference clock input/output for synchronization of multiple instruments.

They are equipped on their rear panel with USB (USBTMC compatible) and LAN interfaces to be connected to a PC for remote control and programming.

The front panel USB host port allows the saving of arbitrary waveforms and instrument configurations on a USB stick, or to connect the optional USB-GPIB adapter to control the instrument via a GPIB link.
# Frequency characteristics of the signals :

  • Sine: 1 µHz to 40 MHz, 1 µHz to 80 MHz or 1 µHz to 120 MHz
  • Square; 1 µHz to 25 MHz
  • Triangle, Ramp: 1 µHz to 1 MHz
  • Pulses: 1 µHz to 25 MHz
  • Gaussian noise: (-3 dB) > 120 MHz
  • Arbitrary waveforms: 1 µHz to 20 MHz