Cissoid CXT-ICM3SA series SiC inverter control module

Cissoid offers CXT-ICM3SA SiC inverter control module for electric powertrains

  • At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), held February 25-29 in California, Cissoid announced a new series of SiC inverter control modules (ICMs) dedicated to the electric mobility market.
  • These SiC modules, which embed inverter control software, are designed for the development of electric powertrains.

The CXT-ICM3SA series optimizes the hardware and software integration of Cissoid’s existing range of three-phase 1200V/340A-550A Mosfet SiC Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) with a control board based on the OLEA® T222 Field Programmable Controller Unit (FPCU) and OLEA® App Inverter application software, supplied in partnership with Silicon Mobility.

Depending on the ICM range selected, this module is capable of powering and controlling high-voltage SiC traction inverters with battery voltages of up to 850 V, output power in excess of 350 kW and efficiency in excess of 99%.

This solution aims to facilitate the development of SiC inverters by solving the EMC problems often generated by fast-switching SiC transistors, by supporting different types of modulation such as SVPWM or DPWM, combined with dead time compensation, and by offering motor control algorithms including FOC (Field Oriented Control) and flux control to achieve higher speeds.

Cissoid also offers a SiC inverter reference design, enabling the ICM to be tested on an engine test bench with peripheral elements such as current sensors, a DC-Link capacitor and an EMI filter.

The ICM supports high-speed motor drive by combining a low-loss SiC power module from Cissoid with a real-time FPCU microprocessor. This enables switching frequencies of up to 50 kHz. In addition, this specific processor dedicated to electric motor control, integrating programmable logic, accelerates response time to critical events. The aim is to relieve the processor core and improve functional safety. Both the FPCU and the control software are ISO-26262 ASIL C/D certified and Autosar 4.3 compliant.