test bench for automotive radar sensors from Dspace and Noffz

Dspace has designed with Noffz a test bench for car radars


  • Dspace offers an automatic test solution for end-of-line automotive radar sensors.
  • This test solution, which has been developed with Noffz Technologies, aims to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of driver assistance systems using radars.

This test bench will be used in particular at the end of a mass production line.

It uses a CATR (compact antenna test range) system that implements a parabolic reflector to generate a flat wavefront. This allows the calibration of far-field radar sensors in a compact enclosure.

In the very low reflection absorption chamber, the radar sensor is calibrated using the integrated radar target simulator. This is done in a predefined test sequence, in which the 4-D radar sensors and imagers are rotated around their center of radiation in the horizontal and vertical directions using a high-precision drive system.

Dspace presented this end-of-line test bench  at the European Microwave Week, held in London from April 4 to 6, 2022.