Fluke Networks LinkIQ cable and network tester

Fluke Networks offers LinkIQ cable and network tester

  • The Fluke Networks LinkIQ cable and network tester is designed for diagnosing network switches during troubleshooting and connecting Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices.

The Fluke Networks LinkIQ Cable+Network Tester is a portable instrument for testing cabling and networks by installers and service technicians.

It combines the test capabilities of two instruments in one device to perform switch diagnostics and cable performance measurements up to 10G, and to troubleshoot network connectivity issues.

The tester characterizes the performance parameters of cabling systems through frequency measurements and provides the maximum data rate values that the cable can support (from 10BASE-T to 10GBASE-T up to 10 Gbps) to ensure that the tested links meet the performance requirements.

This tester also diagnoses the nearest switches, including theoretical data rate, switch name and port number, and VLAN information. It can test Power over Ethernet (PoE) and display PoE class up to class 8 (90 W).

This instrument is intended for system integrators who are responsible for modifying, moving and expanding networks, and for technical departments that maintain networks in working order. It is also suitable for installers who need to perform validation tests of cabling systems, ensure their operation and provide test reports. This can be done using the report management tool provided by the PC LinkWare software.

This tester offers a variety of features: cable tone, port flashing, 802.1x authentication, remote desktop locators.