Instruments presented by Rigol at Embedded World 2020.

Instruments presented by Rigol at Embedded World 2020

  • Rigol Technologies will present its electronic test and measurement instruments at the Embedded World 2020 trade fair to be held from 25 to 27 February 2020 in Nuremberg (Germany).
  • The range of instruments on display at Rigol Technologies’ booth (Hall 4, Stand 528) includes the MSO8000 and MSO5000 digital oscilloscopes and the new RSA3000-E series of cost-effective real-time spectrum analyzers.

With the newly introduced digital oscilloscope series MSO8000 and MSO5000, Rigol is presenting a significant addition to its UltraVision II oscilloscope portfolio.

The core of the UltraVision II architecture is the Phoenix chip set with two ASICs developed in-house, which build the analog front end and deliver the signal processing performance.
With bandwidths of 600 MHz, 1 and 2 GHz and a maximum sampling rate of 10 GS/s, the MSO8000 series is suited for the fast acquisition and analysis of signals. Typical applications include automated tests, protocol analysis for serial buses in automotive electronics, measurement of electronic circuits, measurements and analysis of switching power applications, etc.

These instruments provide a capacitive 10.1-inch color touchscreen. A memory depth of 500 MPts is available for all channels for the acquisition and processing of data. The signal acquisition rate of up to 600,000 Wfms/s enables real-time recording and playback of signals with up to 450,000 frames.

This oscilloscope is equipped with the new integrated measurement method including real-time eye diagram, jitter analysis software and display of the jitter trend, in order to measure jitter and noise of a digital transmission.

As a special feature, Rigol offers all extensions, such as increased bandwidths, MSO-Ready with 16 digital channels, serial decoding, memory expansion and the 2-channel Arbitrary Generator functions via software upgrade.

The MSO5000 oscilloscope series with their large 9” color touch screen will also be presented at the embedded world. With bandwidths from 70 to 350 MHz (bandwidth upgrade possible) and a sampling rate of 8 GS/s, the MSO5000 series is suited for applications in research and development, university and training, production and quality control, communication and industrial and power electronics.

A memory depth of up to 200 million points is available for the acquisition and processing of measurement data (option). With a signal acquisition rate of up to 500,000 wfms/sec, the user can acquire, display and evaluate fast signal sequences. Due to the more sensitive input (500µV/div), very small signal details can be analyzed.

As a further novelty, the BodePlot function has now been integrated in all MSO5000 series oscilloscopes as an addition to the existing standard application.

Both series (MSO8000 and MSO5000) have been expanded with a 12-bit high resolution mode.

The various trigger (e.g. zone trigger), math and display options (extended FFT of 1 million points, mask test and power analysis) as well as all the usual serial bus protocol analysis functions are now available in an expanded form. Integrated voltmeter, frequency counter and an optional 2-channel Arbitrary Function Generator complete the measurement range (7-in-1 device).

The new Economic RealTime Spectrum Analyzer series RSA3000-E can also be seen and tested at the embedded world. The devices are based on the UltraReal technology developed by Rigol. The RSA3000-E series is characterized by its compact design, touchscreen operation and a range of applications, and can also be used as a “scalar” network analyzer thanks to an additional 1.5/3.0 GHz tracking generator.

The modular structure of the RSA3000-E series offers 4 functions:
• RTSA – real-time spectrum analyzer, up to 10 MHz max. bandwidth
• GPSA – spectrum analyzer
• EMI – Integrated test tool for pre-conformity tests according to CISPR
• VSA – ASK/FSK demodulation


  • The RT-SA module:
    The real-time bandwidth is 10 MHz, and due to the very fast FFT calculation, the instrument has a 100% probability of detection with correct amplitude (POI) of up to 9.3 µs. In RTSA mode, signals can be recorded that cannot be measured with a normal spectrum analyzer. Different measurements can be displayed here, such as tightness via the frequency, spectrogram or the power over the time range. All representations can also be displayed at the same time. The versatile frequency mask trigger (FMT) can be used to acquire signals that are difficult to determine.
  • The GP-SA module:
    This mode is based on the overlay principle and is characterized by a low DANL (-161dBm/Hz, typ.) and its speed. The phase noise of the RSA3000E is -102 dBc/Hz (typical carrier spacing: 10 kHz).
    The RSA3000E has a real-time bandwidth (RBW) from 1 Hz to 3 MHz and can be set in 1-3-10 steps. The user can set frequency ranges from 9 kHz up to the full bandwidth (3.0 GHz) of the instrument.
  • The EMI function:
    With the integrated options, such as EMI Filter & Quasi Peak Kit and the expandable measurement functions as well as the EMI Tool, the RSA3000E-TG is ideally suited for pre-compliance tests of assemblies, devices and components. The customer can run very inexpensive pre-tests in-house before the products are given to external, certified and cost-intensive test laboratories. This ensures that the EU standards for EMC are already met during product development. The following options are integrated: CISPR 16-1-1 detectors, CISPR 16-1-1 bandwidths, log and linear display, signal result tables, flexible scan tables, simultaneous detectors on measuring meters, use of automatic limits with delta consideration, measurements on markers, report generation, etc.