PicoVNA 108 Vector Network Analyser from Pico Technology

PicoVNA 108 vector network analyser climbs to 8.5 GHz

  • Pico Technology announces the PicoVNA 108 vector network analyser in a compact package covering a frequency range up to 8.5 GHz.
  • The VNA is integrated into a compact module and is controlled via a PC connected to it via USB.

This compact VNA complements the PicoVNA106 with a 6 GHz frequency band that was launched by the UK manufacturer three years ago.

The PicoVNA 108 offers a dynamic range of 124 dB at 10 Hz (compared with 118 dB for the PicoVNA 106) and less than 0.006 dB of RMS trace noise at its maximum operating bandwidth of 140 kHz.

This vector network analyser can gather the four S parameters at each frequency point in 189 μs or the S11 + S21 parameters in less than 100 μs.
# Overview of PicoVNA specifications 108 :

  • Frequency range: 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz
  • Measures up to 5500 dual port S-parameters per second
  • More than 10000 S11 + S21 parameters per second
  • Quad RX receiver architecture
  • Up to 124 dB dynamic range at 10 Hz bandwidth
  • 0.005 dB RMS trace noise at a maximum bandwidth of 140 kHz
  • Controlled by PC via USB from a Microsoft Windows interface
  • Price: from 7015€.