Rigol DHO800 and DHO900series oscilloscopes.

Rigol’s DHO800 and DHO900 series oscilloscopes offer 12-bit vertical resolution

  • Rigol Technologies has expanded its range of oscilloscopes with the DHO800 and DHO900 series models, which convert signals with 12-bit resolution.
  • Equipped with two or four inputs, these oscilloscopes offer bandwidths ranging from 70 MHz to 250 MHz, depending on the model.
  • These new oscilloscopes, housed in a compact case less than 8 cm deep, are designed for use both in the laboratory and in the field.

Depending on the model, DHO800 oscilloscopes offer 2 or 4 inputs and a maximum memory depth of 25Mpts. They cover a frequency range up to 70 or 100 MHz.

Rigol DHO800 series oscilloscope
DHO800 series oscilloscope.

DHO900 series oscilloscopes are equipped with 4 inputs. They offer a maximum memory depth of 50Mpts and cover a frequency bandwidth of up to 125 or 250 MHz. They are also equipped with 16 digital channels as standard and for certain models with a 25 MHz arbitrary function generator.

Rigol DHO900 series oscilloscope
DHO900 series oscilloscope.

DHO800 and DHO900 family oscilloscopes sample 12-bit signals at a maximum rate of 625 MS/s per channel on 2-channel models and 312.5 MS/s per channel on 4-channel models. The maximum sampling rate is 1.25 GS/s when a single input is used.

They offer triggering and decoding functions for RS232/UART, I2C, SPI, CAN and LIN buses.

The DHO800 and DHO900 oscilloscopes feature a 7″ capacitive multi-touch screen and a USB Type-C interface, via which they can be powered by an external battery, transforming them into portable instruments.

Weighing just 1.78 kg, they are housed in a compact case: 265.35 mm (W) x 161.75 mm (H) x 77.38 (D).

They are equipped with various communications interfaces: USB Device & Host, LAN, and HDMI.