Teledyne LeCroy HDO6000B Oscilloscope

Teledyne LeCroy Announces HDO6000B Series High Resolution Oscilloscopes

  • Teledyne LeCroy is expanding its family of high-resolution oscilloscopes with the HDO6000B series for circuit design test applications involving analog and digital signals.
  • These oscilloscopes, with four analog inputs that digitize signals with 12-bit resolution, cover a frequency range of 350 MHz to 500 MHz, depending on the model. They can be equipped with 16 additional digital inputs (MSO).

The HDO6000B series oscilloscopes use HD4096 technology developed by Teledyne LeCroy to digitize signals with 12-bit resolution at high sampling rates. This technology includes high signal-to-noise ratio amplifiers and low-noise system architecture. “No digitizer is perfect. But compared to an 8-bit system, a 12-bit signal digitizer system is 16 times closer to perfection. Competing scopes use a variety of design approaches to increase resolution, which impose performance tradeoffs. As a result, they are not able to provide 12-bit signal digitization in all situations,” reports Robert Mart, director of product marketing for Teledyne LeCroy.

The HDO6000B series oscilloscopes offer 350 MHz, 500 MHz and 1 GHz bandwidths depending on the model. They sample signals at rates up to 10 GS/s on their four channels and have memory depths ranging from 50 Mpts to 250 Mpts.

These instruments, which feature a 15.6-inch (1920×1080) touchscreen, are built into a case just 17 cm (6.7 inches) deep.

They can be optionally equipped with a function generator for the generation of standard and arbitrary waveforms.

Various signal analysis software tools are offered for specific test applications: power conversion, automotive electronics, power integrity, debugging of embedded electronic systems.

A spectrum analysis software tool turns the oscilloscope into a conventional spectrum analyzer. Spectrum-Pro-2R allows to perform signal analysis in the frequency domain with a logarithmic scale. It is possible to perform analyses down to 1 Hz with a resolution bandwidth of up to 100 mHz.

These oscilloscopes are controlled via the MAUI with OneTouch touchscreen user interface or remotely with MAUI Studio, Teledyne Lecroy’s new offline control and analysis tool. Simply connect the instrument via an Ethernet link to a PC running MAUI Studio to work from anywhere while enjoying the features of the oscilloscope.