EX1402 acquisition module from VTI Instruments.

The EX1402 module from VTI Instruments integrates 16 isolated acquisition channels

  • VTI Instruments has extended its range of EX1400 series acquisition modules with the EX1402 model, which features high resolution voltage measurement and isolation capabilities.
  • The EX1402 module is designed to acquire signals from voltage transducers. It incorporates a signal conditioning system and a 24-bit A/D converter for each of its 16 channels.

Signals are digitised at a sampling rate of up to 128 ksamples/channel. Offering 1000 V channel-to-channel isolation, the EX1402 module is suitable for applications requiring protection against damaging voltage levels. Several power supply options are available: AC, DC and PoE+.

The acquisition module incorporates LXI specification features to provide inter-instrument synchronisation and time correlation of acquired data, as well as data time stamping and LAN event messaging to facilitate inter-module communication. Rest Full HTTP compatibility allows driverless control of the instrument, independent of operating system and processor or platform. Ethernet triggering options eliminate the cost of application software running on the host controller.

The EX1402 supports integration and synchronisation of multiple devices using the IEEE-1588 v2 Precision Time Protocol standard for synchronisation. It can be integrated into an acquisition architecture comprising from a few dozen to a few thousand channels. Several modules can be distributed as close as possible to the measurement points. This reduces the length of the analogue cable and minimises errors induced by noisy environments.

In addition, Power over Ethernet (PoE+) allows a single cable to be used for power and data capture. All measurement data is returned with IEEE-1588 timestamp values with a typical accuracy of less than 200 ns. This ensures a close temporal correlation between the data and the DUT.

Main features of the EX1402

  • 16 acquisition channels
  • Analogue/Digital converter per channel with 24-bit resolution
  • 128 ksampling rate per channel
  • 1000 V channel-to-channel isolation
  • 500 V channel-to-chassis isolation
  • Input +/- 420 V, +/- 10 V, +/- 1 V
  • 8 isolated input/output channels
  • Ethernet LXI interface
  • IEEE-1588 synchronisation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+) or 12-50 V DC input
  • 1U half-rack format