R&S IQW100 I/Q data recorder from Rohde & Schwarz.

The R&S IQW100 I/Q data recorder from Rohde & Schwarz enables the simulation of real radio environments in the laboratory

  • The R&S IQW100 I/Q data recorder in conjunction with Rohde & Schwarz mid-range analyzers and signal generators enables the simulation of real radio frequency environments.
  • The instrument records and reads signals with a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz and sampling rates of up to 250 MS/s.

The R&S IQW100 recorder in combination with the R&S SMBV100A or R&S SGT100A vector signal generators can be used to simulate real radio scenarios for laboratory tests. It is suitable for cellular communication, electromagnetic radiation analysis (EME), geolocation (GNSS) or TV and radio broadcasting applications.

Users can record signals acquired with the analyzer in any chosen environment, then replay the recorded signals using the generator. Signals acquired with the analyzer are transferred to the R&S IQW100 using the standard digital I/Q interface available with selected R&S equipment, and stored as IQ data. To regenerate the recorded signal, the data is again transferred using the same standard R&S digital I/Q interface to the signal generator. Signals with a maximum bandwidth of 160 MHz, with a sampling rate up to 200 MS/s are supported; suitable for all WLAN/WiFi signals, and all mobile standards in current commercial use.

The R&S IQW100 can also be used with the high end R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer and an R&S SMW200A vector signal generator. In addition to the standard R&S digital I/Q interface, the R&S IQW100 also includes the R&S HS DIG IQ interface, which is a high speed interface, supported by the high end analyzer and generator. With the high end equipment, the maximum bandwidth supported is 200 MHz, with a sampling rate up to 250 MS/s.

Both the R&S IQW and R&S IQW100 are conventionally operated via LAN to input SCPI commands, or using a web based GUI that automatically adapts to the current screen size. Alternatively, operate locally either using the 5.7″ TFT touchscreen, or by connecting a keyboard and mouse.