Trescal Metrology services

Trescal makes three acquisitions in Brazil, Switzerland and the United States


  • Trescal announces the acquisitions of three companies: the Brazilian Gero, the Swiss MCS Laboratory and the American Integrated Service Solutions (ISS).
  • These are the 12th, 13th and 14th acquisitions made by the metrology service group since it was taken over by Omers, the main shareholder of the Trescal group in April 2018.

Created in 1991 in Cerquilho, São Paulo, with 64 employees, Gero is accredited in several Inmetro domains. The Brazilian laboratory offers calibration services in the laboratory and on site to automotive, energy and electronics manufacturers. Gero’s technical skills extend Trescal’s offer, particularly in the fields of acoustics, gas flow measurement and radio frequencies.

Founded in 2006 near Lucerne, MCS has expertise in the fields of temperature, humidity and pressure. Accredited SAS, the Swiss laboratory, which employs four people, is particularly active in the life sciences sector. Its two founders, Hansrudolf Imhof and Werner Zgraggen, retained their positions.

Created in 1988 in the United States, ISS has 52 employees. The American laboratory allows Trescal to establish itself in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. Its expertise in pipette calibration and gas detection and concentration strengthens Trescal’s expertise and presence in the life sciences sector.

The activity of these three laboratories represents a cumulative turnover of around €10 million.