Yokogawa's AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer

Yokogawa’s AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer gains speed and accuracy

  • Yokogawa announces the launch of the AQ6380 series optical spectrum analyzer for applications requiring high-precision measurements such as the development of new generations of optical components for optical communications.
  • Featuring a 10.4-inch (26.4 cm) LCD touchscreen, this optical spectrum analyzer covers a wavelength range of 1200 to 1650 nm, has an adjustable optical resolution of 5 pm to 2 nm, and performs data acquisition in 0.23 seconds.

With the development of IoT applications, cloud services, video broadcasting and video conferencing, or the increase in mobile broadband, the demand for data capacity is constantly increasing. High-capacity backhaul communication networks are needed to cope with this increased data traffic. DWDM optical multiplexing technology is used to increase the bandwidth of a fiber optic network. However, telecom channels are becoming closer and closer together as data-intensive applications require ever more efficient DWDM systems. As a result, it is becoming more difficult to separate individual wavelengths during a WDM analysis with an optical spectrum analyzer.

According to Yokogawa, the AQ6380 series optical spectrum analyzer was designed to meet such challenges. It features wavelength resolution down to 5 picometers (pm), allowing nearby optical signals to be separated and measured accurately. This allows the visualization of the side peaks of laser spectra modulations.

This optical spectrum analyzer has a built-in calibration source to maintain the same level of accuracy despite variations in ambient temperature, vibrations and shocks. This wavelength calibration can be performed regularly and automatically by changing the optical path using an internal optical switch.

The analyzer has a new generation monochromator, with spectral characteristics more refined than previous models. The latter offers a dynamic range of 65 dB. This makes it possible to better distinguish two very close signals.

This new monochromator has been designed to eliminate any stray light. For example, when measuring the SMSR of a laser, during which different optical spectra of different intensity levels are measured simultaneously, stray light can interfere with the measurement. The AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer offers 80 dB of stray light suppression.

The measurement speed of the instrument has also been improved. Data acquisition takes 0.23 seconds compared to 5.4 seconds for the existing model (AQ6370D).

Several built-in analysis functions allow the characterization of optical spectra from various optical devices or systems, such as WDM, DFB-LD, EDFA and optical filters: DFB-LD, FP-LD, LED, Spectral Width (peak/notch), SMSR, Optical Power, WDM (OSNR), EDFA (gain and NF), Filter (peak/threshold), and WDM Filter (peak/threshold).

The AQ6380 optical spectrum analyzer also features an “APP mode” application menu to simplify measurement setup. Pressing the “APP Mode” button displays the pre-installed test applications (WDM, DFB-LD, FP-LD and LED test). An integrated guide takes the user through a specific measurement or analysis configuration process.