Yokogawa DLM5000 Oscilloscope

Yokogawa Announces DLM5000 Series 4- and 8-channel Oscilloscopes

  • Yokogawa’s DLM5000 Series oscilloscopes, with a 12.1-inch touch screen, are the successors to the eight-channel DLM4000 Series oscilloscopes.
  • The DLM5000 family is available in several models with 4 or 8 analogue inputs covering 350 MHz and 500 MHz bandwidths.
  • A DLMsync option, expected to be launched next spring, will allow measurements to be taken simultaneously with two connected DLM5000 scopes.

Yokogawa’s DLM4000 series mixed-signal oscilloscopes with eight analogue inputs were released in 2012. Their successors, the DLM5000 series models, have four or eight analogue inputs.

They offer the ability to simultaneously display the signals and inputs of up to eight analogue signals and a 16-bit logic channel (32-bit logic channel available as an option).

Their sampling rate is up to 2.5 GS/s, twice that of the DLM4000 Series oscilloscopes.

The DLMsync option, which should be available next spring, will allow signals from 16 analogue channels and two 32-bit logic channels (with the optional feature enabled) to be measured simultaneously by connecting two DLM5000 Series scopes.

The DLM5000 has a trigger function (sets conditions and displays waveforms when signals corresponding to those conditions are detected) that supports the CXPI in-vehicle LAN standards. The captured waveform data and signal analysis results can now be displayed on the same screen in a correlated manner.

The oscilloscope has a memory depth of 500 Mpoints, twice that of the DLM4000 Series. This memory capacity allows up to 100,000 waveforms (waveforms that are automatically stored in the internal memory), twice that of the DLM4000 Series.

Acquisitions can be transferred to a PC for storage via a USB 3.0 connection.