Oscilloscopes’s high voltage differential probes from Rohde & Schwarz

Oscilloscopes: All new products for the year 2019

  • The oscilloscope is one of the most widely used instruments for electronic test and measurement applications.
  • Manufacturers are regularly upgrading their digital oscilloscope ranges with new models or new measurement and analysis functions.
  • Here are the main new products launched on the market since the beginning of 2019.

– The MDO-2000A family of GW Instek is an evolution of the MDO-2000E series two-channel oscilloscopes. Their maximum bandwidth is increased to 300MHz.

– The DS1202Z-E series entry-level oscilloscopes, equipped with a 7-inch display, offer a bandwidth of up to 200MHz.

– Teledyne LeCroy offers the WaveSurfer 4000HD range of High Definition (HDO) oscilloscopes with 12-bit vertical resolution. Featuring a 12.1 inches touch screen, these scopes have bandwidths ranging from 200 MHz to 1 GHz and sampling rates up to 5 GS/s, depending on the model.

– Teledyne LeCroy is expanding its range of high definition oscilloscopes with the WaveRunner 8000HD model equipped with 8 digital inputs on 12 bits.

– Rohde & Schwarz doubles the maximum bandwidth of its R&S RTP range oscilloscopes. This family of high-performance oscilloscopes is complemented by two R&S RTP134 and R&S RTP164 models with a maximum bandwidth of 13 GHz and 16 GHz.

– Rigol Technologies’ DS2000A and MSO2000A(-S) oscilloscopes have two analog inputs, and bandwidths from 100 to 300 MHz.

– Rigol Technologies offers an MSO (Mixed Signal Oscilloscope for Mixed Signal Oscilloscope) upgrade option for its DS1000Z-Plus oscilloscopes using a 16 channel digital probe.

– Tektronix has extended its range of high-performance oscilloscopes of the DPO70000SX series with two models of 13 GHz and 16 GHz.

Tektronix’s range of MSO Series 4 oscilloscopes share the same scalable platform in terms of functions and bandwidth with their MSO 5 and MSO 6 predecessors. Depending on the models, they have a scalable bandwidth from 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz. They are equipped with 4 or 6 analog inputs, each of which can accommodate an 8-channel digital probe.

– The Tektronix MDO Series 3 family of oscilloscopes incorporates the MDO3000 and MDO4000 concept with a touch of modernity and scalability. They can combine in the same instrument 2 to 4 analog channels (100 MHz to 1 GHz depending on the model), one RF channel (1 or 3 GHz) and 16 digital inputs.

– Teledyne LeCroy launched oscilloscopes from the WaveRunner 9000 series, equipped with 4 analog channels, 16 digital inputs (optional) and a 15.4″ touch screen. Several models are available with a bandwidth from 500 MHz to 4 GHz. The maximum sampling rate can reach up to 40 GS/s.

– Pico Technology has launched the 9404 oscilloscope module with four channels covering a frequency band up to 5 GHz and which can sample signals in real time or equivalent.

– Rigol announces the MSO8000 oscilloscopes range: 4 channels ; 600 MHz, 1 GHz and 2 GHz bandwidth.

High Definition mode to achieve 16-bit resolution is becoming standard on Rohde & Schwarz RTO and RTP oscilloscopes.

– Rohde & Schwarz offers a frequency response analysis option for its RTB2000, RTM3000 and RTA4000 series oscilloscopes.

– Keysight is expanding its entry-level InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes with new models.