GW Instek MDO-2000A Oscilloscope

GW Instek offers the MDO-2000A Series Multi-Domain Oscilloscope

  • GW Instek announces the MDO-2000A series of oscilloscopes, an evolution of the MDO-2000E series. Three of the main specifications of these oscilloscopes have been improved.
  • The maximum bandwidth has been increased to 300MHz, now leaving the choice of three frequency bandwidths: 300MHz, 200MHz and 100MHz. The maximum sampling rate has been increased to 2GS/s and the memory depth has been increased to 20MS/s per channel.

The new MDO-2000A and MDO-2000AG models, with two inputs and an 8-inch display, combine the functions of an oscilloscope and a spectrum analyzer. The MDO-2000AG is also equipped with a two-channel arbitrary waveform generator at 25MHz.

The Spectrum Analyzer mode allows the analysis of signals in the frequency domain from DC up to 1GHz. GW Instek indicates that the MDO-2000A has an operating interface identical to that of a conventional spectrum analyzer. The user can enter the center frequency, measurement range, start frequency and stop frequency according to the test requirements in order to observe the required frequency range.

The MDO-2000AG also incorporates an arbitrary waveform generator offering two 25 MHz channels with modulation capability. The generator features a memory depth of 16k, 14-bit vertical resolution, and a sampling rate of 200 MS/s. Files corresponding to 13 basic waveforms (including Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp and Noise, etc.) can be downloaded to edit arbitrary waveforms.