Spectran V6 X spectrum analyzer from Aaronia

Aaronia’s Spectran V6 X Spectrum Analyzers Support I/Q Data Stream up to 245 MHz

  • Aaronia has announced the Spectran V6 X series modular format real-time spectrum analyzers that cover a frequency range of up to 6GHz and can support an I/Q data stream up to 245 MHz.

According to the German manufacturer, these instruments provide a six-fold increase in real-time bandwidth compared to its previous generation spectrum analyzers: “With a probability of interception (POI) of up to 10ns, the Spectran V6 X captures signals 1,000 times shorter than conventional spectrum analyzers. Conventional spectrum analyzers typically offer a 100% detection probability for 100 µs signals.”

The Spectran V6 X series comes in three versions that differ in real-time bandwidth, sweep speed and number of inputs/outputs, among other things: V6-RSA250X (80 MHz, 300 GHz/s, 1xRx), V6-RSA500X (80 to 120 MHz, 300 GHz/s, 1xRx & 1 Tx) and V6-RSA2000X (160 to 245 MHz, 730 GHz/s, 2xRx & 1 Tx). The V6-RSA2000X has a sweep speed of up to 1 THz/s, which Aaronia says reduces its cycle time by a factor of 40 compared to the fastest spectrum analyzers in its class.

The analyzers, which connect to a PC via one or two USB 3.0 links depending on the model, also incorporate a vector signal/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120 MHz (optionally up to 245 MHz).

Multiple instruments can be cascaded to extend the available real-time bandwidth. In particular, a real-time bandwidth of 1 GHz can be achieved by using four Spectran V6 X modules. The aluminum housing of the instruments is stackable to facilitate simultaneous use of multiple modules.

These instruments are supplied with the latest version of the RTSA Suite PRO software, a multifunctional spectrum analysis software solution. This RTSA-Suite PRO software is suitable for simultaneous use of multiple Spectran V6 X modules.
# Main features of Spectran V6 X

  • Frequency range: 10 MHz to 6 GHz (opt. 8 GHz)
  • Multiple units cascadable to increase real-time bandwidth
  • Unlimited continuous 245 MHz True I/Q streaming via USB
  • Dual receiver real-time bandwidth of 245 MHz (2×245 MHz)
  • 120 MHz I/Q vector signal generator (opt. 245 MHz)
  • Sweeps 6 GHz in less than 5 ms (1 THz/s)
  • POI up to 97 ns (FFT-based)
  • POI up to 10 ns (I/Q-based)
  • Sample rate: 500 MS/s (16-bit dual 256 MS/s I/Q data)
  • FPGA: 930 GMAC/s
  • FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)