MS9740B OSA from Anritsu.

Anritsu launches the MS9740B optical spectrum analyzer

  • Anritsu announces the Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B which has been developed for evaluating the output characteristics of optical active devices used by optical communications systems.
  • The MS9740B keeps the same measurement-sensitivity, functions, and size as the predecessor MS9740A while shortening, according to Anritsu, measurement processing times by 50%, by optimizing the spectrum analyzer optical receiver bandwidth settings most commonly used.

The benchtop Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B covers a wavelength range of 600 to 1750 nm. The device supports multimode fiber input and is convenient for manufacturing and evaluating 850-nm band VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) modules.

As well as keeping the same functions and features as its predecessor, according to Anritsu, the MS9740B slashes measurement processing times by up to half (Rx bandwidth setting: 1 kHz or 200 Hz) while overcoming problems of decreased measurement sensitivity caused by increased processing speed.

The MS9740B retains optical active device (LD-Module, DFB-LD, FP-LD, LED, WDM and Optical Amplifier (NF and Gain) measurement menu screens for evaluating devices. The device supports all-at-once measurements of evaluation items, such as optical center wavelength, level, OSNR, spectrum width, etc., and displays these results on one screen.
# Main features of the Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740B:

  • SMSR measurement at 45 dB minimum
  • Measurement speed (Sweeping in Fast mode; total time required for wavelength sweep, analysis, and data transfer to remote server) of 0.35s (sweeping 30-nm wavelength)
  • Wavelength band (600 to 1750 nm) for evaluating optical active devices
  •  Nine application menus for LD-module, WDM, etc.