Quantum Benchmark

Keysight acquires Quantum Benchmark

  • Keysight Technologies announced the acquisition of Quantum Benchmark, a specialist in software for diagnostics, error removal and performance validation of quantum computing systems.
  • This is Keysight’s third acquisition in the quantum computing sector following Signadyne in 2016 and Labber Quantum in 2019.

Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Quantum Benchmark was a private Canadian company backed by venture capital funds VanEdge Capital and Quantonation. It provides software solutions that enable characterization, error removal and correction, and performance validation of quantum computing hardware.

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that is expected to simulate real-world systems and tackle problems that are otherwise intractable with conventional computing. Quantum systems use qubits (quantum bits) to process data. As quantum computing technology evolves, the ability of quantum computers to perform meaningful computations is determined by the number of qubits, as well as by the quality of those qubits. Performance-limiting errors invariably arise in qubit hardware and present the key challenge to large-scale quantum computing. Quantum Benchmark’s technology improves the quality of the qubits across all quantum hardware platforms and delivers solutions at both ends of the quantum market. It helps quantum hardware makers design better qubits and helps quantum end-users stabilize the performance of those qubits for their specific use-cases.

Quantum Benchmark’s technology is based on years of research in quantum computing at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing. It aims to improve the quality of qubits on all quantum hardware platforms. It helps quantum hardware manufacturers design better qubits and end users stabilize the performance of these qubits for their specific use cases.

With the acquisition of Quantum Benchmark, Keysight will offer a portfolio of quantum test solutions across the physical, protocol and application layers.