Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Instruments

Keysight Announces Smart Bench Essentials Series with Four Instruments for Common Test Applications

  • Rohde&Schwarz, with its Value Instruments line, and Teledyne Lecroy, with its Teledyne Test Tools family, have long offered instruments with features tailored to meet the needs of common electronic test and measurement applications. Their offerings include power supplies, generators, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.…
  • Tektronix, meanwhile, announced in November 2020 the Own The Future initiative to provide teachers, students, and research labs with a panel of easy-to-use instruments and application software. The offering includes three instrument packages targeting three categories of users: elementary education lab, electronics engineering lab, and next-generation RF and wireless lab.
  • Keysight Technologies follows its competitors in announcing the Smart Bench Essentials line, which consists of four instruments: a triple output power supply, an arbitrary function generator, a digital multimeter and an oscilloscope.

The EDU33210 series of arbitrary waveform and function generators have one or two channels. They deliver sinusoidal signals up to 20 MHz and square wave signals up to 10 MHz as well as various other signals: DC, ramp, triangle, noise and variable edge pulses. They allow the implementation of six types of modulation. They are equipped with a 7-inch color screen for parameter setting and signal editing and display. Arbitrary waveforms of a maximum length of 1 MS are digitized at a maximum rate of 250 MS/s with a resolution of 16 bits. Their memory depth is 8 MS per channel.

The EDU36311A triple output power supply, with a 7-inch color display, can deliver 90W of power. The first output provides a voltage range of 0 to 6 V and a current range of 0 to 5 A, the second and third output 0 to 30 V and 0 to 1 A. The output signals have a ripple and noise level below 1 mVrms and 4 mArms. Their accuracy is about 0.05% +10 mV. It is possible to connect the outputs in series to obtain a higher voltage or in parallel to deliver a higher current.

The EDU34450A is a 5.5 digit resolution benchtop digital multimeter that can perform up to 110 measurements per second.
It has a 5,000 point recording memory and a 7 inch display with two separate readings. It has measurement capabilities for DC voltage, DC current, true RMS AC voltage, AC current, resistance (two and four wire), frequency, continuity, diode test, temperature and capacitance.

The fourth instrument of the range, referenced EDUX1052A, is none other than the InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscope already existing in the offer of the American manufacturer. It is equipped with a 7-inch color screen and two analog inputs covering a frequency band of 50 MHz and an integrated 20 MHz generator. It has a sampling speed of 1 GS/s and a memory of 200 kpt/channel.

These four instruments are equipped with USB and Ethernet LXI interfaces as standard. They are associated with PathWave BenchVue software that allows configuration, control and monitoring of multiple instruments from a single screen. Measurements and waveforms can be viewed and saved on a PC, exported in standard formats for further analysis and reporting.

PathWave Remote Access Lab and PathWave Lab Manager software are available as options. PathWave Remote Access Lab software provides remote access to instruments. It offers the ability to implement remote teaching sessions. Students can access the instruments and perform hands-on work through a Web browser. The PathWave Lab Manager software allows you to manage your lab resources. It provides visibility into a lab’s instrument pool by making various information (test plans, results, reports, etc.) available at any time and from any location and can be shared.