Keysight E6953A V2X DSRC CoC (Certificate of Calibration) Test Solution.

Partnership between Keysight and IT-Telecom on V2X test solutions

  • Keysight Technologies has announced its collaboration with IT-Telecom for communication systems for autonomous vehicles.
  • This collaboration focuses on V2X communication solutions for intelligent transport systems (ITS) and autonomous vehicles using DSRC technology (dedicated short-range communications).
  • This partnership aims to provide a DSRC certification testing solution.

The term V2X (Vehicle to everithing) refers to technologies enabling a vehicle to communicate with any other vehicle and road equipment as well as with its environment.

There are currently two sets of standards for V2X communications: DSRC in the United States and C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport System) in Europe. DSRC is a US Department of Transportation (DoT) project based on CALM (Communications Access for Land Mobiles) architecture for vehicle-based communication networks. The IEEE 802.11p equivalent of the European C-ITS stack covering PHY and MAC, named ITS-G5, operates like the DSRC in the 5.9 GHz band.

The C-V2X standard from the cellular communications industry complements and extends existing cellular communications capabilities. Like the IEEE 802.11p standard, C-V2X direct communications enable information exchange through low-latency transmission in the 5.9 GHz ITS band to ensure traffic safety and consideration of the vehicle situation and environment. The C-V2X, which can operate without network support, has a range of more than one kilometer, even in areas where mobile network connections are not available.

IT Telecom is a Korean provider of V2X (vehicle to X) communication solutions for intelligent transport systems based on DSRC (dedicated short-range communications for short-range dedicated communications) technology.

DSRC/V2X communications systems enable autonomous vehicles to access safety-critical data. Each vehicle can communicate with other vehicles, road infrastructure and pedestrians, through digital messages, and thus have a complete view of its environment and traffic conditions.

The deployment of DSRC/V2X solutions requires interoperability between systems and applications. This involves conducting interoperability tests, field tests and certification tests based on IEEE 802.11p, 1609.2/3/4 and SAE J2945.1 standards. Interoperability testing and certification solutions are needed to ensure the integrity and performance of a DSRC system.

For DSRC communication system verification, Keysight offers a PXIe solution that supports RF measurements and DSRC protocol testing.

Keysight E6953A DSRC CoC (Certificate of Calibration) Test Solution Overview :

  • Modular instrumentation in PXIe format.
  • Coverage of all CoC test cases in a single PXI chassis.
  • Certification test cases for specific standard measurements.
  • Scalable platform with future evolutions of V2X tests.
  • DSRC transceiver module for CoC test cases, and functional, configurable, real-time and configurable On-Board Unit (OBU) or Road-Side Unit (RSU).