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Webinar proposed by Teledyne Lecroy on the use of probes in power electronics

  • Teledyne Lecroy is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, October 23rd on the use of measurement probes for testing power electronic circuits.
  • This webinar will detail the different types of probes available, their preferred application and how to use them.

Various single-pole or differential high and low voltage probes are dedicated to electronic power measurement. However, the choice and use of these probes must be appropriate to ensure the safety of the operator, equipment and unit under test. Probes also influence the accuracy of the measurement.

The webinar proposed by Teledyne Lecroy aims to guide you in the choice of probes adapted to the specificities of your application: overview of the different specifications and topologies of High Voltage probes, definition of the measurements specific to each topology, comparisons between a variety of different probes and amplifiers.

This subject will be dealt with in two parts.

The first part will provide an overview of the specifications, types and characteristics of the probes, their adaptation to various applications.

The second part will focus on other comparisons of measurements with probes performed on real applications.
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