Keysight's PROPSIM FS16 5G NR channel emulation solution

Keysight’s PROPSIM FS16 solution provides 5G NR channel emulation

  • Keysight’s PROPSIM FS16 channel emulation solution enables chip and 5G communication device manufacturers to verify the implementation of MIMO antennas on the 5G NR (New Radio) radio frequency bands.

The PROPSIM FS16 system is aimed at performance verification applications for 5G NR communication equipment. This solution supports ultra-wide bandwidths in the mmWave frequency spectrum, beamforming technology and multiple antenna configurations.

This new solution complements Keysight’s line of 5G channel emulators used for calibration and validation of communications equipment and base stations. PROPSIM FS16 is designed to validate the real-world performance of 5G designs that use MIMO* and massive MIMO antenna technologies for high-speed data transmission.

This 5G NR radio frequency channel emulation solution is integrated in a compact and modular desktop package, offering scalable fading capabilities and appropriate software tools.

PROPSIM FS16 complements Keysight’s PROPSIM F64 channel emulation solution designed to meet very advanced fading requirements. This new solution supports 5G NR frequency bands and bandwidths in accordance with 3GPP specifications (the world’s mobile communications standardization organization). It seamlessly integrates with the manufacturer’s 5G network emulation solutions to meet performance requirements beyond the compliance tests prescribed by 3GPP.

# Main features of the PROPSIM FS16 solution:

  • Scalable number of fading channels from 2 to 1024 for testing a variety of MIMO antenna configurations.
  • Supports realistic bi-directional fading phenomena to verify the uplink and downlink of a device.
  • Unidirectional fading capability to focus fading phenomena on the downlink to ensure effective testing of the receiver of the equipment under test. This meets the MIMO OTA test requirements specified by 3GPP.


*MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) – an antenna technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used at both the source (transmitter) and destination (receiver).