Solid-State RF PXI Switches from Pickering Interfaces.

Solid-State RF PXI Switches from Pickering Support up to 8 GHz

  • Pickering Interfaces has launched a family of 13 models of PXI format RF switches that operate solid-state relays and cover frequencies up to 8 GHz,

This family is composed of the SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, SP16T and 4×4 Matrix models.

Pickering Interfaces’ 40-88xA series switches, integrated into a PXI format module, offer a frequency range from 10MHz to 8GHz.

Targeting test applications in the telecommunications and semiconductor industries, they can be operated in different chassis types: PXI, PXIe Hybrid and USB/LXI.

The new modules support up to +36dBm of input power. All the units feature automatic termination of unused switch channels

Single, dual, quad, hex and octal versions are available for some models in the range.

“Semiconductor switches with no wear out mechanism have a long service life and can withstand a higher frequency of hot switching without degrading performance,” said Bob Stasonis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pickering Interfaces.