CRFS DeepView software for detailed RF spectrum analysis.

CRFS offers DeepView software for RF spectrum analysis

  • CRFS’ DeepView software allows detailed analysis of the RF spectrum to identify intermittent or hidden signals in noise.
  • Combined with the RFeye wideband recorder, it allows the analysis of large volumes of data up to 18GHz.

Short duration and low-power signals, especially those causing sporadic interference, can be extremely difficult to isolate and identify in a large volume of data in the RF spectrum.

DeepView offers the ability to search and analyze a specific frequency and time and isolate a particular signal. I&Q data corresponding to a nanosecond burst can then be exported for analysis or demodulation.

The potential of DeepView is, according to CRFS, fully exploited when used with the RFeye recorder. This broadband recorder can capture spectrum data up to 18GHz. According to CRFS, the review of data sets that would normally take days can now be completed in minutes.

DeepView is designed for a variety of applications in military, regulatory and test environments. This solution can also be used to track interference that can have a negative impact on the performance and safety of avionics, radar and communication systems.