GW Instek PEL-500 electronic load

GW Instek offers the PEL-500 series electronic loads

  • GW Instek, represented notably by Testoon, announces the PEL-500 family of single-channel DC electronic loads.
  • This family is composed of 5 models operating over a voltage range of 0-80V/0-500V and a power range of 250 to 700W.

These instruments allow the performance of voltage/current source testing, battery simulation, battery discharge testing, transient response analysis of a switch mode power supply. A constant voltage mode is offered for current limiting tests.

These electronic loads have a 5-digit digital display showing voltage, current and power values simultaneously.

To evaluate the resistance of the unit under test to overload current, the PEL-500 series loads offer an overvoltage test that can simulate the overload current at start-up and the transient current from the hot-plug connection.

The built-in battery discharge test function can determine the discharge stopping conditions according to the test requirements of the unit under test: setting the discharge stopping voltage (Vbatt), the discharge capacity (AH, WH) and the discharge stopping time.

The  loading/unloading voltage is adjustable to perform tests according to the characteristics of the unit under test. When the output voltage of the DUT reaches the value of the loading voltage, loading starts. When the output voltage drops to the unloading voltage, loading is completed. GO/NoGo test conditions and limits can be set by the user. The test results are delivered automatically.

  PEL-503-80-50 PEL-504-80-70 PEL-504-500-15 PEL-507-80-140 PEL-507-500-30
Power (Watt) 250 W 350 W 350 W 700 W 700 W
Current (Ampere) 50 A 70 A 15 A  140 A 30 A
Voltage (Volt) 80 V 80 V 500 V 80 V 500 V

Min. Operating Voltage 1.0V @ 50A 1.2V @ 70A 6V @ 15A 0.9V @ 140A 3V @ 30A