GW Instek ASR-2000 Programmable AC/DC Power Supplies.

GW Instek offers the programmable AC/DC power supplies of the ASR-2000 series

  • The ASR-2000 series AC/DC power supplies from GW Instek deliver AC voltages up to 350 Vrms and DC voltages of ± 500 Vrms.
  • Offering nine operating modes, these programmable power supplies cover a frequency range of up to 1 kHz.

GW Instek’s ASR-2000 series power supplies, with a 4.3-inch TFT-LCD display, deliver waveforms that meet the requirements of various applications testing electrical and electronic devices and components. Sequence mode generates fallings, surges, sags, and other signal modifications representative of abnormal operating conditions of power lines. The Arbitrary Waveforms function allows you to save and download user-defined waveforms. Simulation mode simulates power outage, voltage rise, voltage fall, and frequency variations.

These power supplies also measure the values Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, Iavg, Ipeak, IpkH, P, S, Q, PF, CF, and voltage and current harmonics up to the 40th order. The angular phase shift of the voltage output can be adjusted according to the test requirements. The settings of the specific parameters (V-Limit, Ipeak-Limit, F-Limit, OVP, OCP, OPP, OPP, OPP) ensure the protection of the unit under test during measurement. Fan and AC fail alarm functions are also integrated.

The front panel of the ASR-2050/2100 models is equipped with a universal or European plug. The ASR-2050R/2100R models have a height of 3U for a width of 1/2 rack.
# Overview of the power supply characteristics of the ASR-2000 series from GW Instek :
– Output power: AC 0 – 350 Vrms, DC 0 – ± 500 Vrms
– Output capacity: 500VA/ 1000VA
– Output frequency up to 999.9 Hz
– DC output (100% of rated power)
– Measurements: Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Vpeak, Irms, IpkH, Iavg, Ipeak, P, S, Q, PF, CF
– Voltage and current harmonic analysis (THDv, THDi)
– Remote sensing function
– Protection functions OVP, OCP, OPP, OPP, OTP, OTP, OTP, AC failure detection and fan failure alarm.
– Generation of arbitrary waveforms
– Custom phase angle for On/Off output
– Simulation sequence and function (up to 10 sets)
– Interface: USB, LAN (standard); RS-232+GPIB GPIB (optional)
– Integrated external control I/O and external signal input
– Integrated output relay control
– Memory capacity (up to 10 sets)
– Integrated web server